DSP - 1000

Detonation spraying has been well known for its high quality coatings with one of the highest bonding strengths, low porosities, and high fatigue properties compared with other thermal spray methods. However, conventional detonation spray systems use complex mech anical valves and a buffer gas in the spray gun assembly. These features, although crucial to the process, limit productivity and cause many maintenance problems.

Demeton Technologies offers a new solution and introduces new detonation spray equipment to U.S. and international markets.

Demeton Technologies has sought refinement and achieved simplicity in design of detonation spray equipment, the DSP-1000. Problematic mechanical parts and buffer gas of other detonation spray systems is eliminated here. DSP-1000 utilizes a patented static gas distributor using gas dynamics, which virtually removes the limit in shot frequency (DSP-1000 normally operates at 16 Hz). The deposition rate of the DSP-1000 is also very high (e.g. 70-80% for WC-Co). Therefore, the productivity level of this new detonation spray system is competitive with other thermal spray processes. Furthermore, the DSP-1000 is more cost effective than other thermal spray processes in terms of installation/operational costs. This system operates under lower fuel gas pressure and consumption rate (less than 100psi, 250slpm) and only a TAP water line is needed for system cooling. In addition, the spray gun can be easily mounted onto a robot arm for maneuverability.

By virtue, the DSP-1000 produces high quality coatings due to the high particle impact velocity of the detonation spray process. In addition, there are no harmful degradation effects onto base materials because of a low heat transfer characteristic of detonation spraying. The base material temperature is generally kept below 200 deg F without external cooling while spraying. Even thin aluminum foil can be successfully coated with alumina ceramic powder using the DSP-1000.

DSP-1000 offers a user-friendly interface and ease of operation requiring little human input. The fully automated system controls and monitors the entire process for a safe and reliable production of high quality coatings.


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